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Property Tax AppealsIn New York and New Jersey, it is possible to reduce your property tax bill using a property tax appeal. The assessed value of your Property is what is used to calculate how much in taxes you will owe. In order to lower your property taxes, you can show that your Property is worth less than the assessed value. You can do some research on assessed values in the area yourself online in just a few minutes, or you may wish to call to a local real estate agent. Local governments occasionally assess all the properties that they tax. When your Property new assessment arrives in the mail, it will include information about your property, such as the lot size and description. Most property tax bills will be calculated by multiplying the property’s assessed value by the local tax rate, which will vary from area to area.

If you think that your Property assessment is higher than it should be, you will want to challenge it immediately; you may have less than 30 days to do so. The available procedures are often outlined on the back of your assessment letter. You will want to weigh the effort a property tax appeal takes against the money at stake. The median property tax paid in America in 2015 was about $1,500 per capita, which is less than one percent of the median Property value that year.
Call For A Complimentary Review Of Your Tax Assessment (973) 227-1912 
In some areas of New Jersey and New York, however, property tax rates can approach four percent of a Property value, which makes the potential savings of property tax appeals greater. The same is true for Property with prices well above the nation’s median. First, make sure all the information about your Property is correct, including lot sizes and numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms. If any of these facts are wrong, you may have a very easy property tax appeal on your hands.

The next step would be to engage a property tax attorney, who will find several comparable properties in your area that have sold recently. Once all the research has been gathered, have your property tax attorney call your local assessor’s office. Most of the time, the assessor will discuss the assessment informally with a property tax lawyer in Fairfield, NJ. If they do no cooperate or offer an unacceptable answer, your property tax attorney can request a formal review. If that review is not successful, you can then appeal the decision to an independent board.

Property Tax AppealsOur goal is to ensure that our clients are fairly assessed and fairly taxed by municipal, county, and state government. Our practice is pro-active. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality representation when challenging their tax assessments. When challenging tax assessments, we become familiar with the property to determine whether an assessment is equitable or not. To that end, we ask for information about the property, including its age, condition, size and ability to generate rental income if it’s leased or capable of being leased. We confirm the accuracy of our data by personally inspecting the property and asking the right questions. After a thorough review, we share our findings with our clients and counsel them on whether or not a tax appeal is appropriate. At Stavitsky & Associates LLC, we view our clients as our “partners” and seek their input during each phase of their case. We recognize that our clients have other demands on their time; therefore clients can choose to be as engaged in the process as they wish.

Stavitsky & Associates are experienced in representing clients across a broad array of industries. We successfully achieve assessment reductions for virtually all property types including:

  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Office Complexes
  • Hotels
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Warehouse and Distribution Centers
  • Research and Development Facilities
  • Big Box Retail
  • Data Centers
  • Shopping Center and Shopping Mall Properties
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Mining/Solution Mining Facilities
  • Hydro-power Facilities

Call For A Complimentary Review Of Your Tax Assessment (973) 227-1912 
No matter what type of property you own, Stavitsky & Associates has the knowledge and expertise to evaluate your property tax assessment and determine whether it is in line with its actual fair market value. If after a thorough evaluation, the property appears to be over assessed, Stavitsky & Associates will recommend an appeal and guide you through every step of the appeal process with one goal in mind: to achieve a fair and equitable assessment to reduce your property tax burden.

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