Property Tax Services

Our goal is to ensure that our clients, who pay real estate and personal property taxes, are fairly assessed and taxed by municipal, county, and state government. Our practice is pro-active. We strive to provide our clients with the best possible representation when challenging their tax assessments. To that end, we become familiar with the property we are reviewing in order to determine whether an assessment is not equitable. We ask for information about the property, including its age, condition, size and ability to generate rental income if it's leased or capable of being leased. We back up our data collection with an inspection of the property and ask the right questions based on our observations. We share our findings with our clients and counsel them whether or not a tax appeal is appropriate. We "partner" with our clients and seek their input for this process. We realize that demands are made on our clients' time and they can be as engaged in this process as they like.
We have represented commercial and industrial taxpayers throughout the United States for a total of over 40 years. We pride ourselves on the cordial and professional relationships we have developed with tax assessment authorities over the years, while keeping our eye on the goal of achieving fair and equitable property taxes. From time to time, it is necessary to pursue tax appeal litigation because settlement negotiations may not be fruitful. The preparation that goes into the hearing, including assembling the right team of fact and expert witnesses will help work toward a successful outcome. We are always available and accessible. Communication is very important to us so that we are aware of each other's thinking in how we go about achieving equitable tax assessments in this time of increased government spending, rising tax rates, reassessments and revaluations.