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New Jersey Tax Appeals 101

Are you looking for qualified legal help with your New Jersey property taxes and the property tax appeal process? If so, you’re in the right place.

In New Jersey, property tax rates—that is, annual taxes on real estate holdings—are based off of an assessment of the property’s value, as conducted by your local municipality. Each municipality employs one or several tax assessors to conduct these assessments.

Tax assessors have a responsibility and duty to fairly assess the value of each property in an unbiased and accurate way. They do this by conducting in-person examinations of individual properties, and by utilizing neighborhood trends and historical data to comparatively valuate a property in any given area.

Often, property assessments are more or less accurate. While you might not like a valuation or tax rate that an assessor comes up with, and may prefer a lower rate, the rates arrived at by tax assessors are more likely than not to be in the general ballpark of accuracy.

In some cases, however, properties do get inaccurately or unfairly assessed, and do get assigned a tax rate that is incongruous with the actual value of the property (especially as compared to similar properties in the area).

It is usually easy to spot when a property’s tax rate doesn’t match the current local market. This happens more frequently and is often more noticeable, during periods of property value decline after a hot period in the same market. In that scenario, people often face the soaring tax bill of last year’s real estate boom, while looking down the barrel at the current reality of a property that has significantly declined in value.

If you are dealing with a property that was assessed above its fair market value, a property tax attorney can help. Most often, they will help you pursue and make a case for a property tax appeal, which may result in an adjusted tax rate. In Fairfield, NJ, the property tax attorney to call is Bruce Stavitsky, Esq.

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Who is Attorney Bruce Stavitsky?

Property Tax Lawyer Fairfield New Jersey

Attorney Stavitsky is a highly knowledgeable, specialized property tax attorney working out of Fairfield, NJ. With nearly four decades of experience practicing property tax and real estate law, Attorney Stavitsky is very closely familiar with the New Jersey Tax Code, as well as with New Jersey real estate and real property law.

Having dealt with tax valuations for almost forty years, Attorney Stavitsky has a finely tuned sense for whether an tax appeal case has a chance or not. If he believes a case is viable, he also knows exactly what sort of legwork needs to be done to build the best possible case on each client-appellant’s behalf.

Attorney Stavitsky believes in rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands dirty—sometimes literally. He routinely inspects properties himself, combing closely for factors that may have affected valuation, or which may affect valuation in the future. He is closely familiar with the Fairfield, NJ area, and is connected to an expansive network of information and data about the surrounding areas. He has the mind of a forensic tax attorney, understanding the wider impact of the valuation, the tax, and the appeals process. He also has a wealth of knowledge about resources, exemptions, abatements, or other assessment reductions that you may qualify for, which he has used to save his clients hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.

Due to his years of exemplary hard work, Attorney Stavitsky has gained a reputation for accuracy and tenacity in the Fairfield municipal system. Having Attorney Stavitsky as your legal counsel sends a clear message to any potential opponents: specifically, that you know the true worth of your property, and that you are willing to fight for it.

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What Can Attorney Stavitsky Help Me With?

Property Tax Lawyer Fairfield New Jersey

Attorney Stavitsky and the team at Stavitsky and Associates offers a full suite of property tax services from their conveniently located offices in Fairlawn, New Jersey. These include:

After a thorough evaluation of your property—no matter what type of property it is—Attorney Stavitsky will determine whether your current tax assessment is actually in line with fair, equitable market value. If it is determined that your tax assessment is too high, Attorney Stavitsky will guide you through the appeals process step by step, ultimately with the aim of reducing your tax burden.

If you think you’re paying too much in property taxes, you may be right. Call Attorney Bruce Stavitsky at Stavitsky and Associates today for a complementary evaluation of your case.

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